Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well, we are back from our christmas holiday. it was a winter wonderland up in minnesota, and it was fun having everyone together and eating lefse. now...we are back at our house, and are getting ready for a few exciting things! mike and i decided we will be moving into savannah in the spring, so we'll be looking for an apartment in the next few months. and my sister stacia and brother in law isaiah, and their little puppy juniper are coming for a visit tomorrow, and they are bringing with them a little pug pup for us! mike is so excited i'm pretty sure he is nesting as we speak.


  1. i love those tights! also, i can't wait to visit savannah hopefully when we finally get to you guys won't be touring so we can visit you!:)

  2. thanks! forever 21 you know. yeah that would be fun, and you could finally go to lady and sons!