Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i like it when my mom sends me stuff

today i got a jar of delicious homemade granola in the mail from my mom. i think i already ate half of it. mmmmmm.

then tonight we made fajitas and strawberry milkshakes and watched tv on the couch. i've also been watching lots of musicals lately, and lace crocheting. and staying up late reading. and it has been a million degrees out every day, so those have all been good ideas.
next few on my book list:
rebecca of sunnybrook farm
a homemade life
eclipse of course,so i can see the movie!


( fig frog)

Monday, June 14, 2010

summer life

this is fig earlier today. she wanted to say hi.
right now she is hiding under the couch, because we evilly tried to cut her nails.

over the weekend we watched lots of old movies. doris day, ginger rogers, and the hitchcock rebecca which i really liked. and i ate some donuts. and then i sewed some curtains and painted some side tables that i had been putting off forever.
also another thing i have been working on is some music. i've always wanted to write and record my own music. mike and i are both writing things together and separately, and i'm excited to see what comes out!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

birthday! and lots of eating.

yesterday was my 25th birthday! it was very fun and special.

and we ate a lot.

i also got lots of nice presents sent to me, and mike blew up balloons and had them all over the living room, and fig was deathly afraid of them.

and i got to eat chocolate fondue for my birthday dessert!

love, l!