Thursday, June 6, 2013


Yesterday I turned 28!
I ate lots of desserts, got some nice treats from my family, went out to eat and watched two movies with Mike and Fig. June 5th is always a very good day.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

summer reading

Happy June!
I love that one of the feelings I still get in the beginning of every summer is that it's time to read lots of books! Growing up, as soon as school was out I liked to always have stacks of books around and plan out which ones i would read next.  

I thought this summer i would re-read some of my favorites.

The List:

My dear friend Kate gave me my first copy of The Secret Garden for my birthday when we were little, and i remember my mom reading it aloud to me and my sister that summer.

Anne! I loved the movies always, and read the books when i was a teenager and they are simply the best. I think summer is a pretty good time to 'be' on Prince Edward Island too.

This is a book my Grandma found at a school library sale. It's about two sisters named Sarah and Evelina and their family during the civil war. They are best friends and have a sweet little adventure in each chapter.

I grew up watching the June Allyson/Elizabeth Taylor/Margaret O'Brien/Janet Leigh movie version, (and the Winona Ryder one too!) and finally read it a few years ago. It was one of my favorite movies, and now also one of my favorite books. Marmee is so smart and wise!

A few from the Betsy Tacy series. I love these books! I just love everything about them.  One of my most common re-reads. Plus, they are set in Minnesota, so I feel pretty cozy when I read them.

American Girl!! I haven't read these in forever. I just finished Happy Birthday Kirsten, and now i want to have a birthday party just like her.  I plan on getting some more of these from the library soon. I think Molly and Samantha need a re-read too.

And there it is!
Are you planning on reading any old favorites this summer? or have any new favorites?