Thursday, March 24, 2011


made some tiny russian nesting dolls.

playing with stamp making.
which looks like big pieces of bubblegum.

shelves getting emptier.

book for march, mrs. miniver

Saturday, March 19, 2011

back in the day bakery

since we're moving soon, today we went to my favorite back in the day bakery in savannah for one last cupcake and lavender shortbread and a chocolate chip cookie..

..except then we decided we might go back again one last first time for lunch too, since that just sounds so fun. and the sandwiches sound very delicious.

i love the lavender shortbread. and i love to shove it in my face.

Monday, March 14, 2011

peter pan crochet collar shop update

i just added some peter pan collars to my shop! in navy and cream
i'm really excited about these, i like the idea of making and wearing something that's so traditionally ladylike.

 (fig is happy about these too.)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


here is a minty springy sweater i just finished! it's from the same pattern as a yellow one i made last summer. but on this one i added a peter pan collar and buttons all the way down.

we walked down to the thrift store by our apartment, which is in an old pretty southern house, to take pictures.
and the roses on the bush in their yard were just falling off everywhere, so i saved one. 

in our apartment

i hang out in our living room, with my finished blanket on the couch and the horse paint by number i did when i was 12.

i work on some new sweaters and chevron patterns, also a lace dress and a cape

i eat roasted sweet potatoes which are my favorite 

i write return letters to some of my besties

and i start to pack. we found out that things are going to be moving faster than we planned, mike got an internship at a studio in northern california, and me and fig will be living in minnesota for the next little while. starting in three and a half weeks!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

bike riding

today we rode our bikes.  it was my first time getting to ride the bike i got for my birthday. something about summer being way too hot, and then the bikes getting locked up all winter and the key getting lost..and mike finally giving up looking for it and cutting them apart with bolt cutters today.. and then us going on our first ride.
 so i'm glad we now get to pedal around and enjoy the nice weather and buddy trees, 
because this will be our last spring in georgia! 
yes, it's true.. we are moving by summer. and i can't wait! time to move on to new things.

now if only fig would be good and sit still in a bike basket! then everything would be perfect.

pretty tree

bike ride happy faces

and some action shots:
me pushing myself through mud,

and mike being an intense bike rider.