Wednesday, March 2, 2011

bike riding

today we rode our bikes.  it was my first time getting to ride the bike i got for my birthday. something about summer being way too hot, and then the bikes getting locked up all winter and the key getting lost..and mike finally giving up looking for it and cutting them apart with bolt cutters today.. and then us going on our first ride.
 so i'm glad we now get to pedal around and enjoy the nice weather and buddy trees, 
because this will be our last spring in georgia! 
yes, it's true.. we are moving by summer. and i can't wait! time to move on to new things.

now if only fig would be good and sit still in a bike basket! then everything would be perfect.

pretty tree

bike ride happy faces

and some action shots:
me pushing myself through mud,

and mike being an intense bike rider.


  1. i love your bike! such a pretty color! you look super cute in these :)

  2. i am so jealous of your bike riding! it is disgustingly cold here in minnesota.