Saturday, March 19, 2011

back in the day bakery

since we're moving soon, today we went to my favorite back in the day bakery in savannah for one last cupcake and lavender shortbread and a chocolate chip cookie..

..except then we decided we might go back again one last first time for lunch too, since that just sounds so fun. and the sandwiches sound very delicious.

i love the lavender shortbread. and i love to shove it in my face.


  1. Lavender shortbread... that sound interesting, I've never tried it. Those biscuits look so yummy though that maybe the shortbread is as good as you say!

  2. LAVENDAR shortbread?! sounds like heaven. my husb and i are spending our anniversary in savannah so i will request that we stop by this little bakery. sounds so adorable. thank you!

  3. that looks like such a lovely place! :)