Tuesday, June 19, 2012

redecorating and a party dress

this past week we've been painting our apartment, and are mostly done. yay!  
mike just put our shelves back up, and i'm now deciding what to put where. 

and i also got a few plants. here's my new little cactus,
next on my list is to decide what to put on the walls, to paint a couple pieces of furniture, and i'd love to make a new bedspread and a throw blanket for the couch. 

here are a couple pictures of the dress i made for my birthday dinner. it's made of blue brocade and is very party-ish and shiny. and also very reflective and safe for when you are crossing a busy street in the dark on your way back to your car after dinner.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

shop update: rainbow blanket

 i just listed this rainbow throw blanket in my shop !  i made it from the catherine's wheel pattern, and these are my favorite blankets to make ever.
i'm also going to be listing some baby blankets in a few different color combinations soon.

ps,, also, thank you all for the birthday wishes!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


yesterday was my birthday and i am now 27!  mike and fig decorated with pink balloons and we went out to lunch at my favorite bakery. and got a cupcake and macarons. (of course)
we plan on going out to celebrate more this weekend because i was not feeling well at all yesterday, and my birthday dinner got postponed.. but sometimes when you are 27 you are just forced to be mature, and to do things like extend your birthday into a whole week which also gives time for more birthday treats and presents. and that's ok.