Tuesday, June 19, 2012

redecorating and a party dress

this past week we've been painting our apartment, and are mostly done. yay!  
mike just put our shelves back up, and i'm now deciding what to put where. 

and i also got a few plants. here's my new little cactus,
next on my list is to decide what to put on the walls, to paint a couple pieces of furniture, and i'd love to make a new bedspread and a throw blanket for the couch. 

here are a couple pictures of the dress i made for my birthday dinner. it's made of blue brocade and is very party-ish and shiny. and also very reflective and safe for when you are crossing a busy street in the dark on your way back to your car after dinner.


  1. Love your dress! Make a new bedspread like the one you recently made that was gorgeous..I actually printed it out and its on my list of things to do! I even got the same colors. Its fun to paint and decorate a new place!

  2. I love painting, can be so much fun to get into the clothes that have paint stains all over them, and just have fun!
    You party dress is fabulous.

    xo, Erika


  3. Pretty pictures!

    And, you look so lovely in that festive dress! =)
    (Being visible while crossing streets at night is definitely an added plus too.)

  4. oOoOoO very pretty dress! Very 'birthday'. And what a cute little cactus!

  5. i love your dress! the design is so simple and perfect. did you make it from a pattern?

  6. well, what an adorable little dress! It is amazing! and that blue is perfect on you. How sweet! And the shelves look so nice too~!

  7. Your dress is really beautiful. I love the colour and the style is pretty. :)

  8. you and your dress are beautiful!

  9. Love how you've decorated so far! And that color blue looks gorgeous on you :)

  10. I love that dress! it's prefect with those shoes!