Sunday, June 2, 2013

summer reading

Happy June!
I love that one of the feelings I still get in the beginning of every summer is that it's time to read lots of books! Growing up, as soon as school was out I liked to always have stacks of books around and plan out which ones i would read next.  

I thought this summer i would re-read some of my favorites.

The List:

My dear friend Kate gave me my first copy of The Secret Garden for my birthday when we were little, and i remember my mom reading it aloud to me and my sister that summer.

Anne! I loved the movies always, and read the books when i was a teenager and they are simply the best. I think summer is a pretty good time to 'be' on Prince Edward Island too.

This is a book my Grandma found at a school library sale. It's about two sisters named Sarah and Evelina and their family during the civil war. They are best friends and have a sweet little adventure in each chapter.

I grew up watching the June Allyson/Elizabeth Taylor/Margaret O'Brien/Janet Leigh movie version, (and the Winona Ryder one too!) and finally read it a few years ago. It was one of my favorite movies, and now also one of my favorite books. Marmee is so smart and wise!

A few from the Betsy Tacy series. I love these books! I just love everything about them.  One of my most common re-reads. Plus, they are set in Minnesota, so I feel pretty cozy when I read them.

American Girl!! I haven't read these in forever. I just finished Happy Birthday Kirsten, and now i want to have a birthday party just like her.  I plan on getting some more of these from the library soon. I think Molly and Samantha need a re-read too.

And there it is!
Are you planning on reading any old favorites this summer? or have any new favorites?


  1. oh my!! I simply love the Anne Shirley books and Little Women has been my favorite for forever!! not to mention Kirsten was one of my favorite American Girls when I was young. :) great summer reading list!!

  2. I love this list of books. I have never read Little Women, so it is on my list of summer reading as well. My girls & I are finishing up the Ramona books right now but then I told them we would start on Anne of Green Gables. I think they are going to love them!

  3. I love planning my summer reading! i have a pretty huge pile of graphic novels to get through. Otherwise, I like to have amix of things to read, I'm starting out with some Kerouac to tune in my sense of adventure (and reread an old fave), then I always like to read something completely out of season, this year, Frankenstein! I'll read it sitting on the beach in between biking breaks. Then I'd also like to read some Anne or maybe some of the Little House books, but most likely it will be whatever I choose from the second hand book store that will be read and thoroughly enjoyed. I have never read the Anne books I hope they have them ^_^

  4. I'm almost done with the Emily of New Moon series! I always feel like crying by the end.. I think because it's just written so well and I find it difficult to come out of that reading hangover.

    You have a great list! I love your taste in books (:

  5. Such a great list! And, lovely pictures!

    I have a stack all ready to be read this summer. I have never heard of the Betsy Tacy series, but I may look into that now. Happy reading!

    P.S. That is so neat that you are re-reading the American girl books. I adored those books when I was little!

  6. Perfect list! I'm re-reading the Anne books right now. And Little Women is my all time favorite book. I've read it about 10 times I think. Have you read Alcott's Eight Cousin and A Rose in Bloom? They are so good..I think you'd really love them. I love the Betsey-Tacy books as well. I also LOVE Emily of Deep Valley by Lovelace. I think I need to read The Secret Garden this year...I really can't believe I've never read it. Hrm. What else on my list? Oh! I found an old copy of Lulu's Library by L.M. Alcott so I think I'll read that sometime this Summer as well.

  7. such a good list!
    ive been wanting to read the american girl books again too! book club?

  8. we are so so similar! I love Anne, I got her movies when I was three and have been hooked to them ever since! She is so wonderful! I also love the american girl books! My favorite girl is Molly (:

  9. Aww these were some of my favourites too (although I still watch the Anne of Green Gables DVD when I'm feeling a little down!!!!) I actually have Anne of Avonlee on my bookshelf to read and you have inspired me to dig out my childhood favourites and have a good read so thank you xxxx