Monday, June 14, 2010

summer life

this is fig earlier today. she wanted to say hi.
right now she is hiding under the couch, because we evilly tried to cut her nails.

over the weekend we watched lots of old movies. doris day, ginger rogers, and the hitchcock rebecca which i really liked. and i ate some donuts. and then i sewed some curtains and painted some side tables that i had been putting off forever.
also another thing i have been working on is some music. i've always wanted to write and record my own music. mike and i are both writing things together and separately, and i'm excited to see what comes out!



  1. HEY!!! I bought that exact same material the other day!! I have been eyeing it and dreaming of it (literally) for months so I finally had to go get some. But for curtains!! That is the best idea ever. Jealousay.

  2. and p.s. this means you know about my favorite and secret (but really not so secret at all) place to buy fabric. its really better than any fabric store for some reason

  3. I want to hear songs. yes I do. How about you?