Wednesday, July 21, 2010

yarn and book summer

making sweaters is my new favorite. here is my second sweater. the pattern is from this magazine. it turned out a little big, so i think i would use a lighter yarn next time.

i just finished reading I Capture the Castle, which was also on my summer reading list. and i loved it very much.
and then i watched the movie last night while i ate some shortbread. that seemed english to me. i like pretty movies. and i like romola garai, who played cassandra. so there you go.


  1. i love your guts little lindsi sweater maker. and i miss them too. <3

  2. Well I would say I'll trade you cupcakes for a sweater, you you already know how to make both of those. Maybe we could all get together and do girly things. Like you know, talk and eat. And figure out how I can bribe you to make me a sweater!