Sunday, November 28, 2010

kentucky thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving! our week in kentucky was very relaxing. i love being with my family, and the puppies loved eachother.(mostly) fig got nipped at a few times because she's overly obsessive with juniper, but they mostly played and played.


the beginning of the week was really warm, and we went into lexington to look around.

on thanksgiving we made apple star and pumpkin pies! and our first time at cooking thanksgiving dinner turned out really well too, the hardest part was making sure everything was done and hot at the same time. mike made his green bean casserole, isaiah put tons of butter in the potatoes, and we congratulated ourselves and each other a lot. because we deserved it.

on the last day it was really chilly out, and we went for a walk around the farm.

stacia's famous mittens!



  1. Looks like a great meal and you had fun.

  2. I have mittens just like stacia's from H&M. They are navy blue and I <3 them alot.