Tuesday, December 7, 2010

phones want to be cozy too

i made this hedgehog cozy last week so my phone will keep warm.
i've been working on lots of little things like this cozy, and christmasy crafts. and i got a cookie press that i'm excited to try on some spritz cookies.  so i will be taking lots of pictures this week i'm sure. and watching lots of christmas movies! last night it was the santa clause and the shop around the corner, which i think i will watch again today. i love the feather snow and tinselly decorations in black and white. and rudy of course. he's my fave.


  1. wow, what kind of stitch did you use for the cozy? it's super cute :)

  2. Can I just say how incredibly talented I think you are? I recently bought 3 of the bow headbands from you and absolutely ADORE each and every one. I was supposed to give them away as gifts but I'm thinking about keeping at least one for myself.

    This cozy is so cute too! I hope you add more stuff to your Etsy shop soon.