Sunday, January 9, 2011

lace collar and cozy and scarf and bread

here i am!
happy new year!
after christmas we drove down from minnesota to florida to spend new year's with mike's family, and then his parents stayed with us for a bit and spoiled us a whole lot.  
but all good fun holidays must end and now it is back to real life..and making food for my own self again. among other things.

i have been without my camera for a little while, since i forgot my charger up in mn. but it came back to me in the mail from my mom yesterday, so i have been taking a whole bunch of pictures of the things i've been working on:

crochet lace collar

 more phone cozies

chunky circle scarf

and here are a few pictures of what mike has been working on:
  while we were in minnesota mike learned under my mom's tutelage how to make homemade wheat bread, garlic naan, and chicken curry.(which i didn't get a picture of) 
i usually cook all of our meals, so this is a big deal! 
they were all really really good, and now i want him to make them all the time.