Saturday, February 12, 2011


mike left for some man camping yesterday morning.  i have been a little under the weather this week, and it's strange for him to be gone. i miss him alot..even though it's only for a few days.  and so far i have watched a whole bunch of tv, and eaten valentine candy that my parents sent.  and fig has become evil without her playmate and tried to eat my new grey nail polish while i wasn't looking. i think she mostly went after chewing the cap, but it spilled everywhere and on her.  she's such a peach.

some of the candy my mom sent in one of the leftover jam jars that were favors at our wedding. still has the label and everything. 

 today i decided i should do some things, so i finally took pictures of a turban headband i made awhile back,

started my february book club book,

and am roasting sweet potatoes instead of eating valentine sweets for supper.

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  1. everything in this post sounds absolutely lovely! it blows my mind that you can make a turban like that. i can barely knit/crochet a potholder!