Sunday, July 17, 2011

heart dress and humidity

i have graduated to dress making! well, one dress so far. 
with help from my mom, who's teaching me.  

it's super extra crazy humid out today, so the pictures got all foggy, but i think it looks pretty neat.
and fig says hi! but is mostly interested in something in the grass and having her bootie facing the camera.


  1. I love the way the humidity made your pictures look all foggy! Love that dress so much!

  2. Aaaaah! My pictures were foggy too! That dress is fantastic. Hope you and Fig stay cool this week!

  3. That dress is lovely! And I love these photos!

  4. Simply adorable! I think the fog made these photos look very dreamy love it! love your pretty blog :)

  5. the fogginess is amazing! i had to "pin" one of these photos on pinterest - couldn't resist. (the heart dress is lovely as well, great job!)