Wednesday, August 3, 2011

blue sailboat dress

well, i decided that i love sewing now. this is my favorite dress!  sailboats, airy cotton, and as comfortable as pajamas..what more do you need.  i have been working on learning how to sew my own wardrobe and this one turned out so well i think i'll make a few. i'm already planning one in white.
i used McCall's pattern m6275, which is a child's dress pattern (i have very mature tastes) and made it in one of the larger sizes. then i just added 2 inches to the length of both the bodice and skirt. and also took in the sides of the bodice a little so it wasn't quite so boxy,but still roomy.  and bam, a dress for a grownup. 

we took a bike ride down to the bridge over the lakes by the house to take pictures. i love minnesota in the summer, but i haven't done too many summery things so far this year. so busy.. but now that i'm done at my job, and mike is coming, (in less than two weeks yayyy!) we have lots of things on our summer list. more biking, the fair where i will eat cheese curds for the first time since the old days! , boating and swimming, and a duluth trip.
my sewing education time is short, but i'm hoping to fit in a few more dresses, next up is some cute vintage girls fabric i got for my birthday!

dress: made by me! fabric from joann's,  basket bag: thrifted,  shoes: target,  bike: i think walmart!  


  1. your dress looks so great! I love the fabric. You did so many alterations for a beginner, it's so cute

  2. it looks so good!!! i've been really wanting to learn how to sew lately, and this just confirms my wishes.

  3. I just found your blog via hivenn and I am so excited because you have just the most darling style and I absolutely love that you've been learning to make your own dresses...I'm slowly getting there..very basic dresses anyway..but I love that sailboat dress! Great job! :) -Lo

  4. you are so adorable!! i *love* your dress... i'd kill to be able to sew my own clothes. your bike is pretty dreamy, as well.