Monday, January 23, 2012

picture an hour

i love picture an hour posts! and i finally remembered to try it out on saturday. it was a staying home and working on orders kind of day, and it was fun to have the assignment of taking a picture every hour.  next time i want to try an out-and-about picture an hour day too.

10:00 am
eating honey-o's with extra honey

11:00 am
getting ready for a run

12:00 pm

1:00 pm

2:00 pm
 organizing some supplies

3:00 pm
dark chocolate break

4:00 pm
working on some valentine ideas

5:00 pm
more crochet

6:00 pm
leftover mexican rice bowl for supper

7:00 pm
folding laundry

8:00 pm
planning some new dresses

9:00 pm
looking at blogs and working on a grocery list

10:00 pm
fig sitting by me while we watch i love lucy..and crochet some more

11:00 pm
reading in bed


  1. Adorable photos! Hope you have an amazing week! ;D


  2. Your nail polish color is a dream! This was really cute and fun to see, thank you!

    1. thanks, it's essie nail polish and the color is called tart deco!

  3. definitely doing this on the weekend!

  4. I love this photo idea! I've never done it but definitely plan to in the future! As for the photos, they're so pretty!

  5. Lovely post! Mm, your food looks refreshing and yummy. I love Jo's Boys!! I read in bed too...and stay up way too late.


  6. Love this! I always wanted to try a picture an hour, but I usually get sidetracked and forget to take the photos. lol. Love the hearts, can't wait to see what you turn them in to! :)

  7. I love this post! You sure do spend a lot of time crocheting. Do you enjoy having a busy etsy shop or does it feel like you're always working on orders and don't have time to make things for yourself? How did you get to be successful on etsy? Love your posts :)

    1. thank you meg! i commented back on your blog, but will here too.i really enjoy having a busier etsy than i used to! i don't have as much time to crochet for myself,but i'm getting a little better at time management. and i really noticed the difference in people visiting my shop after a couple of my free patterns started getting pinned on pinterest, and also a few friends showcased me on their blogs, and i sponsored a few too. those things all helped a lot!

  8. I love you and your wee blog! I wish I could crochet! I just inherited my Nana's knitting and crochet needles and things, you make me want to try!!! :) Hope your having a precious week you-lovely-stranger-from-across-the-globe!!! :) Zoë x

  9. I just adore your photos! They are so lovely! The hearts are sooo cute!


  10. I'm crocheting tiny hearts too. :o)


  11. Love your pretty blog! I've been meaning to do a picture an hour post but always forget to take the pictures! Oops! :)

  12. this picture an hour post is so lovely!! looks like such a nice day! dark chocolate breaks are always important, i think i'll go take one now!

  13. I love this post! I'm glad you gave a picture an hour post a try! They are so much fun! Your pictures are so lovely. :-)

  14. I really enjoy the picture an hour posts too. Though I think I'll never ever remember it all day! I'm glad you did. Seems like a lovely day :)

  15. Hi Lindsi, I just found your blog by making a research on crochet, and I had to tell you (even though you already know it) your work is incredible! Everything is so beautiful, from stitches to patterns, colors and so on. And the pictures are amazing! I wish you good luck on your work, and please never stop blogging, your blog is just wonderful and inspiring! Thanks!

  16. Hi Lindsi!
    Like Prisca did, I was searching for crochet items in the www, too. And I fortunately found you! By searching from Germany. :-) I really really like your blog, style and ur dog!! So sweet!
    I do not crochet as much as I knit but you brought me back to crocheting! My next Projekt is a blanket in you lovely chunky scarf pattern. Thank you! <3
    Best wishes from Germany are sending you Jasmin and Camilla (englisch Bulldog) :-)

  17. what sort of camera do you use for your photos? they're always lovely and bright. is it just the lighting or do you use certain settings?

    1. thank you! i have a nikon d40 which is about 5 years old, and i have a 35mm 1.8 lens. i mostly take pictures in natural light and use both the automatic or manual settings depending, and i also have the photoshop lightroom program to edit (most times just lightening a little or lessen colors that get too saturated)

  18. What a fun idea! - your day sounds so similar to most of my at-home days! And your pictures are so lovely :)

  19. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I'm loving scrolling through and seeing all these pretty pictures so I'm definitely a new follower :) have a great day!