Monday, April 2, 2012


here's a little snippet of the weekend.   i went to fabrika in savannah and got this red riding hood fabric.i'm so excited for it to turn into a dress! i also cut out fabric for three other dresses. i found this to be easier to do when mike is home, so he can hold fig. i have to lay out the fabric on the floor, and she always wants to come and lay on top of it and tries to eat the pins.
i also read some in one of my favorite books. my mom read it to us when we were little, and i was really happy to learn that it's actually the first in a series. so i got the rest on my kindle all ready to go.
and lastly, this weekend we ate lots of guacamole!


  1. I love the fabric! I can't wait to see what you make with it.

  2. I love the fabric I can't even tell you how much! I was looking at some similar in style for my daughters curtains. I've been thinking about it for a year but haven't followed through yet. I can't wait to see your new dresses!
    We too have been eating avacados I almost snapped a picture of one yesterday too. Haha

  3. That is the cutest fabric!

  4. so great! I really want to take a sewing class so I can make own dresses out of cute fabrics. Do you use a sewing machine or stitch by hand?

  5. This fabric is wonderful! I just love this vintage style design. And its always a good idea to have some guacamole!

  6. that fabric is the cutest i've ever seen!!
    can't wait to see the dress (:

    also i'm going to look for that book,
    with my baby almost here.
    i'm hoarding books to read to him,
    you can never have enough good books.
    thanks for sharing (:

    and now i'm craving some guacamole.

  7. Awe, that fabric is amazing! :D

  8. You have lovely lovely photos, my dear.

  9. This doesn't really apply to this post, but I've noticed in other posts that you used to have your hair light pink and purple and I was wondering what hair dye you used for that.