Thursday, August 9, 2012

this and that

counting down the days to our family vacation in duluth next week! the whole family can make it this year,  yay!

gathering up all my threads.

 here is a preview of one of the new collars i will have coming to my shop in september!

 and a couple pictures of my and my little friend fig and our books.

(ps, this polka dot dress is also from the same pattern i showed here , also with the same changes)


  1. Oh! That collar looks lovely! I look forward to seeing them in your shop next month.

    And, that dress is adorable.
    The way you use that pattern suits you very well.

  2. beautiful collar!

    and i love your polka dot dress!

  3. What an amazing collar! Can't wait to find it on your store!

    And have a blast when go on vacation! ;D


  4. Peter Pan Collars, I love them! I will definitely buy one ;)

  5. cute cute collar! looks like diamonds!

  6. I love your red polka dot dress + your red nail polish!! (What name/brand is it?? I've been looking for the perfect shade of red nail polish for a while now with no luck!!)
    PS I hope you have a great time on your upcoming vacation!! xo