Friday, January 4, 2013

new year

Happy new year!
Here are a few more pictures from our trip......

a little bit of sledding at one of the family Christmas parties. None of us (except the kids) had been sledding in years, and it was the most fun ever. Despite a crash involving me and Mike squishing together onto one of those little saucer sleds that go way too fast..

followed by a little bit of not so successful cross country skiing. The last time i did this was in middle school gym class, and i was excited to go again.  We didn't end up lasting very long, being tired from sledding and all, but i'd love to go again next year.

And last, here is our new year's eve! we stayed in and ate chinese food and fell asleep right after the new year!


  1. You two are precious! I love the crowns, and all of the garland you make!

  2. Those crowns are fun!
    Did you make them?

    It looks like you had many memory making times.

  3. What a wonderful holiday :) That looks like the perfect hill for sledding!

  4. Skraelling is most likely a variant of "Skræling", which was what the Vikings called the American Indians when they 'visited' your continent almost a thousand years ago. "Veien" means road, so... Skrælingveien (we don't like splitting up words in Norway) means "Indian Road". Cool?