Sunday, October 31, 2010


halloween! this year i spent it as a koala with a brown bear and a fig frog. we ate candy, and watched movies and waited for tricker treaters.( we got 2!)

being a frog made fig very tired.

we also went to a pumpkin farm with a corn maze, where it was very sunny in my eyes.
it was my first time in a corn maze ever, and i think we did pretty well. no panicking or giving up hope!

it was a beary good halloween.


  1. Mike looks very manly in those brown bear ears. Hehe.

    We did a corn maze this year too. It was also my first time to do one. LOVED IT! We didn't even look at the map, but let a toddler lead us around for the most part. I highly recommend having a toddler as your guide. They're smarter than they look.

  2. Thank you so much! Oh, I wish I could crochet like you! Sewing is not really so bad...I'm still learning. :)

  3. you have the cutest dresses. i like your style!

  4. Cute cute cute!! Little Fig makes a good frog. My boy took me to a place in Elk River MN that had a corn maze and a potato gun. Nothing like shooting vegetables at wooden ghosts on Halloween...

  5. Oh yall are ADORABLE!!!!!

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