Saturday, May 14, 2011

5 things

1. thrifted. and garage saled.  i think i will have to repack and get rid of all mike's stuff to make everything fit for the move to california. (jkjkjk kindof)


    pop up sewing desk

    table and chairs

               why didn't i get this pattern!

2. ate. 
    cranberry orange scones made by my mom.

3. picnicked. for a friend's birthday at our favorite spot on inspiration peak.

4. read.  L.M. Montgomery books

5. made a feathery hat. and had a kentucky derby party, and ate kentucky food.

   mint julep

pecan pie


  1. I absolutely adore your retro sewing desk! I bought myself a vintage one a few months ago, and honestly think it makes sewing more fun! I love it!


  2. I have that same pattern in my Etsy favorites! It's a bit more expensive than the one you could have had, but here's the link if you decide you can't live without it:

    It would be great framed in the bathroom, I think. Haha.