Friday, December 28, 2012

ice skating

Yesterday Mike and I went out to the skating pond with our friend Richell and skated in the snow. I'm so glad we are able to be home in the wintery winter for a little bit!


  1. i am going to attempt this in a few days...i don't skate very often so i don't really have any main goal is to stay off my bum! wish me luck lindsi...

  2. Oooh yes ice skating is the best thing to do in the cold, is that just a park nearby with a free skating rink (pond)? We had heaps of those in Montreal, the one closest to us was huge, it took 10 minutes to skate around the whole thing!

    1. It is! It's a pond in the middle of town. It's not as big as the one you described though, that sounds so fun!

  3. the 7th picture is amaziiing! haha love it!

  4. oh noonan's....(sp?) I haven't skated there in years! Looks like you had fun though! :)

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