Friday, April 15, 2011

duluth and north shore goodbye to mike

we went on a little vacation to the north shore of lake superior as a goodbye to mike trip.
he's leaving tomorrow for california, and me and fig will be staying in mn for a while..we'll see how this goes! 
it was a really fun trip, the first vacation together since our honeymoon.
and it was pretty!
and it was cold!

we saw gooseberry falls,

 ate at burrito union,

 went to amazing grace bakery,

 walked around the shore and saw some waves,

and got some pie!


  1. love your new blog banner and side links! looks like an amazing trip! you two are adorable! :)

  2. These are great! Whoa, it looks so pretty around the lake. :)

  3. Oh yummy, I love Betty's Pies!

  4. um, you're kiiiiind of too cute to handle in your fur coat and pretty pink headband! glad you guys had a fun trip together. and good luck to mike in california!

  5. oh love your pics so much!
    you have a great sense of style. like your fur coat, the prints you's all so inspiring!
    follow you!
    visit my blog and if u like it follow me back. I'm expecting for u!
    thanks, v

  6. is the north shore not the greatest place ever? i love this post! i live a few minutes from burrito union and it's funny to see places i know!

  7. looks like a nice getaway, I love your coat.


  8. Betty's Pies, yes! The North Shore is the best.

  9. oh you guys are just the cutest. love your hair, headband and coat! love these photos.

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