Friday, April 22, 2011

first week

things i've done this week,

saw lots of friends and family:  the best part of being home. and also our friend richell, and my brother in law isaiah just got here yesterday! we just keep packing on into this house.

started on some projects: a couple of blankets. one for my cousins baby bump! and this one for me, which will eventually be zig zag mint and cream.

made things homey: looked around and found things i didn't remember i had like this clock! and colored lights were hung everywhere. and i put up lots of our pictures so i remember what my husband looks like. 

read: my april book.

went on a day trip: i got to go along to trader joe's and the mall of america yesterday where i bought an easter dress from h&m. and then took pictures of it to send to mike since he was probably dying to see it..and in front of stacks of laundry.

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