Tuesday, April 12, 2011

moving pictures

 last day in savannah
driving driving driving
 looking really orange.
and ghosty.
 friends reunited.
 here at last!


  1. very cute! i love how you're all bundled up in the last photo :) i'm guessing it's a bit chillier in the new climate? hehe
    congrats on the successful move! moving is always such a big endeavor. but now you can relax and explore your new home!

  2. The pink hair makes you look like a real life doll! I love it. Mike needs to lay off the tanning beds. Haha.

  3. Aw! So glad you're back in MN! You and the girls should come to the cities sometime for a Scurvies show. And to see meeeee!

  4. I looooove your glasses. May I ask where they are from?

  5. thank you! i got my glasses off firmoo.com, they were something like $15 including lenses! i like them alot.